Taking part in Judo is fun and allows you to meet new people and develop life skills.  Judo is a martial that requires you to become a member of a governing body,  Invergordon Judo club is a member of Judo Scotland and British Judo Association.  

Everyone who wishes to take part in Judo needs to register with Judo Scotland, you have options for a provisional licence or a full licence.   you can find some additional information on the Judo Scotland website www.judoscotland.com 

Just like your judo suit you need to ensure you hands and feet are clean.  Ensure
you keep those nails short!
Ensure you Judo Suit (judogi) is kept clean and tidy.  
Long hair must be kept neat and tied with non metallic hair bands
You need to make  sure you do not wear any jewellery such as watches, earrings rings on the  Mat.  This will cause injury